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Amniotic is the solo guitar project of Sussex born artist Johannah Henderson. Emerging from the aesthetics of black metal, Amniotic has grown from a home-recording project into a distinct live experience; often stripped down to bare guitar and voice. Henderson explores her familiars as rather distant instruments, catching echoes of something that falls apart as […]



Hello, we are AntiAntEaterEater, we hail from the Stoke family tree of Owd Ear Recordings featuring members of Amateur Assassins and Pig Eyed Bandits. We are a two piece tying together acoustic and electric guitars with folky warblings and psychedelic (insert word here). Despite AntiAntEaterEater being a new project both of us have played and […]


Baby Bolide Session

An early morning open jam session for kids or indeed anyone whose brain is soft enough. Warm up the Church of Chaos for the day. Lots of instruments will be on hand, kazoos all round. Show the old bastards how to do it properly. fully amplified if they’ll let us. Fully CRBd social care types […]



Formed in Brighton 2007, “a kind of meteoric fireball, esp one that explodes”, Bolide will be following up the jam-in-the-woods with Thee Bald Knobbers at last year’s Supernormal with more guerrilla incursions onstage and off. Various permutations from members will crop up throughout the weekend – F. Ampism, Cal Mag, Infinite Gaaah, Dan Spicer, Xen […]


Castle Freak

Spectacular explosions…crazed killer cyborgs…deadly martial arts duels. All this and more awaits you in this special action packed box office sensation! H P also does Occult Hand with Isabelle Brooks. My performance will consist of just myself playing a reel to reel with other assorted junk. Cruddy tape-loop wonk and stalk-and-slash vibes abound…


Church of Chaos Film Programme

The Church of Chaos will be presenting a film programme of varying works from tripped out experimental madness to mini documentaries. After dark these will become exclusively silent pieces as the tent closes its amplified contribution and becomes a hushed night space for those wanting an alternative to the fire. FEATURED SHORTS PROGRAMME Kate Lloyd […]


Cozy Doe

capital sparkledrone schkuzzpopneuze to daownstroke your magnetospherics

Daniel Spicer

Daniel Spicer is a writer, broadcaster and improviser based in Brighton. He is a member of the chaotic electro-acoustic sextet Bolide, the free-jazz unit West Hill Blast Quartet, and the text/sound duo Mandarin Splashback. He also performs solo vocal improv, poetry and spoken word – and has so far released two solo CDs on the […]


Daniel W J Mackenzie / Ekca Liena

As Ekca Liena, Daniel inflicts moody, sometimes enrapturing long form ambient / noise works onto the world. These contrast with a more conceptual, compositional style under his real name. His interest in conjuring melancholia, ritual, landscape, melody and intensity are key to his work and this defiant diversity has shaded him from the light of […]



Absurdist tape-addled musique concrete by way of a nightmarish metaphysical blizzard of kids TV shows, Burroughs-via-Pam-Ayres cut-ups and queasy psychedelia. Theatrical terror and abstract abandon with a suppurating squawk of palindromic power all its own.

Drone Hour

At 10pm each night we will be ushering in an installment of our drone based environments to cool down the Church after the frantic wallop hop of the day. With plenty of musicians operating in this field forming part of the crew and other acts (Daniel W J Mackenzie / Ekca Liena, Eka Ekca, Orok, […]


Drone Yoga

On Saturday and Sunday morning festival goers are welcome to attend a morning yoga session soundtracked by the Church’s less intrusive musicians.

Eka Ekca

Susurrations cellist Rebecca E Davies will perform one-note-cello-drone-time-travel during one of the morning drone yoga sessions and as an accompaniment to the after-hours silent film screenings..


Eleven to Nocturne

11pm sees the drone give way to an end to amplified sounds altogether. Each night the last of the day’s music will be exchanged for quietude and the space transformed into an official festival ‘chill-out’ area. As the moon passes overhead, silent films will be projected onto the tent’s interior and miniscule acoustic sounds will […]


Eubuuth + Astra Chan

Improvising sound-manipulation duo. Since meeting at Brighton Safehouse Collective in 2009, they have collaborated in a various quartets, internet radio sessions, live slide-show scores and a John Cage recital, but have only recently worked as a duo, performing at March Hare Crossover and Splitting the Atom events in Brighton earlier this year. Z*qhygoem formed his […]


Gee Seymours

Tribute to the seminal early art-punk band The Swell Maps.


Prepared guitar improvisations from Dave Campbell, former I’m Bring Good guitarist and drummer who is now moving mantle with drone doom machine Sloath, who are also performing elsewhere at the festival.



The alter-ego of the festival’s very own Kevin Nickells, curator for Bang The Bore here. Multi-instrumentalist, intellectual bon-viveur and a lynch-pin in the Knobbers crew. Emulating a crippled Shnittke via violin and guitar improvisations; portentious mewlings a must. , Expect flashes of invention interposed with fleeting snatches of pop/country classics we all know and hate. […]



HUH 5 PIN is the rare duo of Kevin Hough and Duncan Harrison. Though countless showings in various experimental, improvised and difficult musical projects can be tallied between the pair, HUH 5 PIN probably represents the most head scratching and extreme manifestation of each artist’s work. Little is known of the precise meaning of the […]


Hypnerotomachia Polyphilia

A mass improvised doom guitar fracas led by Kev Nickells, Tom Roberts and Graham Newbury.

Infinite Ga’ah

The most stalled of all the Bolide warts performing this weekend. Expect damaged kit, chewed tape and possibly enlightening muffled hectoring.


JS Lowax

Hailing from the rural suburbs of the Isle Of Wight, JS Lowax are a high energy instrumental experimental noise band with a DIY appetite. Formerly creating visceral ambient drone music and improvisations under the name Jupiter Sands, both drummer and brother guitar figures have developed their sound into meticulous compositions of irregular time signatures that […]


Lama Dalai

Brighton’s Johannah Henderson and Duncan Harrison produce work in spheres of musical, performance and visual practice, translating single concepts into structures of events and systems where liminal stages between composition, improvisation and chance can be explored and presented as tangible, realised works. The exact form and content of each piece varies radically, however past works […]



Joshua Legallienne is a Brighton-based guitarist exploring the elusive territory between silence and the barely audible. Operating primarily as a free improviser, he is interested in the spatial exploration of acoustic sounds through the steel string guitar. His live sets are wholly improvised – even the tuning of his instrument is decided instantaneously on stage […]


Lorah Pierre + Ewa Justka

Lorah Pierre is an artist whose practice attempts to explore the nature of ‘event’ through live working collaborations in physical and virtual spaces. Projects focus on experimentation across a number of disciplines, the recycling of materials, self-built hardware, hacking and bending, along with a DIY ethos allowing interactive installations and performances to develop out of […]


Mandarin Splashback

Another of Bolide’s brethren, here putting forward text / sound delirium, surprise correlations, plus accidental straight-face news mangling.


Mark Walsh

Psychedelic vocal machinations from Amateur Assassins front man.


For those who feel the stars align above them, cider and gin unleashing a manic gush of eternal romance, a licensed cleric will be onsite to bond them in what we expect to be a quite surreal exchange of vows. Love is love – it still counts if you’re upside down in knee high military […]


Me With Others

When not providing hardware manipulated voice textures in Plurals, Dave performs as singer-songwriter Me With Others. With an extremely dynamic, equally powerful and delicate voice, he makes his way through often lengthy, progressive acoustic songs that shimmer with a genuinely heartfelt sincerity. Definitely appealing to fans of Frusciante, Buckley, Fahey and Martyn. Material has been […]


Mothers of The Third Reich

If you’re in the mood for a double dose of disgustingly abject and heavily amplified improv-racket that sounds like the mental processes of an elephant that’s just drunk an entire oil tanker full of meths and has fallen into an enormous quarry full of deadly snakes, then Mothers Of The Third Reich will be right […]


Mouthful Of Worms

‘Big Kev’, as he is affectionately known, is both big and Kev, which makes a useful distinction from ‘Little Kev’ who is indeed (relative to Big Kev) little, and again, Kev, though with more Nickells that you can shake a dick at. Often seen at the prow of the bad ship Knobbers, Kev has also […]


Nil By Nose

Nil By Nose is a lone bedsit knob twiddler, sometimes he might twiddle his knobs in public. Best seen out of the corner of both eyes.

Occult Hand

augmentation of nocturnal emissions seeping out of Sussex like a ritualistic study of religions long since passed into the realm of fetish, it was as if an occult hand had pointed them out to each other from the sky and brought forth daring jewels down the belted ear system. Welcome to the offshoots of Jupiter. […]



Nicholas Boon is a musician, producer, DJ and composer who combines live instruments, synthesis, sample manipulation and live ambient recordings to create lush musical textures. He has worked with groups of musicians in an experimental and improvised context on many occasions. He plays most plucked or strummed string instruments, percussion, keyboard instruments and uses his […]



Bolide’s Paniak will be on the whack attack. Bolide drummer James Parsons will challenge various individuals around the festival to compose impromptu ear salad. Expect reloading/ rewinding/ dope beats/ etc.


Dave HS (Me With Others), Daniel W J Mackenzie (Ekca Liena) and Michael Neaves (One Man Team Dance), plus a loose network of live and recorded guests form the human body of Plurals, who will be returning to the festival this year in the Church of Chaos. 2011 saw them tour the UK with Canadian […]


Pyne / Roberts / Williams Trio

Brutal scorched-earth psyche skronk from Medicine and Duty/Kellar/Black Neck Band of the Common Loon drummer Andy Pyne, Tom Roberts (Bolide) and Jason Williams (Mothers of the Third Reich).


Brutal electronics abuse by beard.


Sound Artist Rebecca E Davies will lead an afternoon listening workshop in the Braziers Park grounds. The sonic imagination will be stretched to perceive the sound of un-sounding objects and spaces belonging to the external and conceptual worlds of the encounterer.


Reds is a Brighton based improvising collective who create free-sprawling, stoned epics. Formed from members of Sweet Williams, Sloath, Red River Dialect and more, they are an amorphous psychedelic beast that pulls on a circa 1970 Swedish heavy jam yarn. The Church of Chaos will provide a suitably skewed, yet cosy space to settle into […]


Spicer + Ampism

Inter-Bolide duo that says what the tin sounds like and sounds what the tin says like.

Sunsets Over Whitehawk

From the loving bosom of the wonderful Coach House venue and its host Sara-Jane Glendinning, the Sunset collective converse with the wind. Impetuous and organic.


Susurrations are the self-proclaimed ‘quietest band in Brighton.’ Consisting of cellist Rebecca E Davies, guitarist Joshua Legallienne and vocalist Ingrid Plum, they specialise in creating special performances that are both completely improvised and wholly unamplified. Shunning loudspeakers and microphones in favour of a purer, acoustic sound, they provide an intimacy rarely found outside the rehearsal […]


Sweet Williams

Former lynchpin of much loved Brighton post-punk group Charlottefield Tom House initiated Sweet Williams as a solo side project. Swiftly expanded into a four-piece, more band structure affair, they have distilled their signature sound into something akin to House’s former groups but with a woozy, grumbling lurch. Though this suggests aggression, an agitated calm permeates […]


The Reverend Cal-Mag Boron

The Reverend Cal-Mag Boron was born in the Nottingham branch of Holland & Barrett in 1996 via transmission into the mind of an individual unsuccessfully attempting to shoplift there whilst under the influence of LSD. The Reverend Cal-Mag Boron is committed to ‘progress’ and has attempted the indoctrination of others at various venues across Brighton […]


Thee Bald Knobbers

The masked and robed ones responsible for initiating this whole thing. With a line up that’s often decided, in part, last minute, unleashing both atrociously haphazard and irreverently incendiary live appearances, Thee Bald Knobbers are pretty committed to chaos in a sonic and a performance sense. Normally ending up a wheezing, shattered mess of drums, […]



Participants are invited to take a jaunt around the fringes of their territory armed with whatever noise making item(s) they can find. Based upon an ancient Anglo-Saxon custom, this will portray a territorial process somewhat removed from the more serious intentions linked with its origins, though in structure will posses the same ritual of simultaneous […]


Wall of Karaoke

A ridiculous audience participatory proposition of Graham and Kev sees some poor, once graceful and beautiful karaoke machines sit trembling as the generally deranged public is let loose on them, screaming, bellowing and spitting whatever dark nonsense they wish into their crumbling little microphones. In the last installment of this at a Splitting The Atom […]