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AFTER/HOURS/DROP/BOX examines the influence of the music video and its relationship to contemporary art. A consistently experimental genre, the music video spans a changing technological period. From the early documentation of live performance, artists have both incorporated and influenced the narrative techniques and marketing devices employed by the music industry. AFTER/HOURS/DROP/BOX draws upon the reciprocal […]


Bluescreen Short Film Showcase

Bluescreen host regular events at the Cube Cinema, showcasing the best short films from Bristol’s creative hub of filmmaking talent. For Supernormal we have curated a mindbogglingly eclectic mix of film genres and subject matter, all films under 20 minutes long.

Discussion: What is Going On?

A discussion drawing on Braziers’ connections with the Sigma Project and the Antiuniversity: ‘Above all, we must do away with artificial splits and divisions between disciplines and art forms and between theory and action. We raise no a priori barriers to membership in the Antiuniversity other than a desire to find out or relate ‘what […]


Greta Pistaceci

Greta Pistaceci is a multidisciplinary artist, performer and improviser. Her practice has its start-point in sound, yet her interests go beyond the sonic field. Recent works have explored categorisation in art, muting and feminist issues, perfection and failure, art as therapy, and experiencing the moment. Pistaceci performs extensively and as part of duo Earth Creature […]


Hellfire Video Club

Presenting vintage psychotropic celluloid and mind-bending musical delights served up by a group of like-minded geeks hopelessly hooked on oddball sounds and cinema.

Her Noise

Her Noise is a resource of collected materials investigating music and sound histories in relation to gender bringing together a wide network of women artists who use sound as a medium to investigate social relations, inspire action or uncover hidden soundscapes. Since its inception in 2001 and relating Electra exhibition in 2004, Her Noise has […]


Image-ageddon Mix Tape

Short films, found footage, music vids, ads and animation mixed live on the fly by a crew of Pentagram film magi.

Lady Lucy

Lady Lucy works between the realms of drawing, portraiture, pop culture, moving image and social practice with an exploration of identity and biography in her works. Lucy has exhibited and presented her work extensively including recently at the Southbank Centre, she is co founder of The Drawing Exchange and has been involved with Ladyfest and […]


Life in the Woods

In the spring of 2011 artists Olivia Plender and Patrick Staff invited a small group of participants to live together for a week in John’s Lee Wood, Leicestershire, in a critical exploration of folk revivalism, communal living and collaborative film-making. Borrowing a format from left-wing outdoor education programmes and socialist summer camps started in the […]


Lucky Dip

Gifts of the Lost and Lesser Known aims to bring you an array of rarely seen, would be cult gems from decades past.

Nanoplex Kids Films

On Saturday and Sunday the Nanoplex will be showing a selection of kids movies in the Pentagram Cinema Tent. (and there may be other treats and surprises in store too…)


Open Film Night – BYO movie

Have you made a short film? 20 minutes or less? Bring it along to have it shown on the big screen, hosted by the Bluescreen team. We welcome all types of film – documentary, art, drama, animation, in fact anything goes! As a special incentive there is a “Supernormal film challenge”; make a film during […]


Poulomi Desai

Poulomi Desai’s practice incorporates noise, electronic, performance, composition, sound and installation. Her on-going project ‘Experiments with Noise’ explores sound and colour frequencies as an allegorical interpretation of The Lombard Reflex. She is director of Usurp project space, which is the only contemporary artist-led gallery and studios in the London Borough of Harrow that develops opportunities […]



Arcane and mysterious cinematic folk traditions both real and imagined pared with live lofi-electro-acoustics.

The Bioskop

The Bioskop present a fragrant (but sometimes toxic) bouquet of fiction, ethnographic film, musicals and artists moving image…. we’ll be lurking in the Pentagram tent and skulking around in the moonlit woods.