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Tom Tetley (Tom Beef) steps out with 7 league boots from his hiding place in the Hindu Kush mountains into the traditionally spaced out environs of the South West of England, to deliver a sound wrapped up in suicide riffs, blues traditionalism, and Sunday morning lyrics, delivered by a person you can tell is still living in that Sunday morning moment.

Produced by the internationally renowned production team ‘The Insects’, The Mother Beef comes with an assured debut whose music echoes the best of raw rock and roll (MC5, Stooges, The Verve at it’s most psychedelic, The Velvets) and with songs that sound like a menacing city whisper on a stoned preachers lips…

With a set of influences belying their years, The Mother Beef have crafted something their own, the sound of young, love blasted England, coming down, walking home…..
Lucas Price 2011 – Telepathic Workshop.

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