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Hello, we are AntiAntEaterEater, we hail from the Stoke family tree of Owd Ear Recordings featuring members of Amateur Assassins and Pig Eyed Bandits. We are a two piece tying together acoustic and electric guitars with folky warblings and psychedelic (insert word here).

Despite AntiAntEaterEater being a new project both of us have played and gigged together for the last four years mainly with Amateur Assassins, clearing rooms of backstreet pubs with style, grace and poise. It was after these turbulent years we had the epiphany of writing music people wanted to listen to but it didn’t work out. We didn’t have a likeable bone between us and we descended into a depression of number two singles and mediocre television appearances. We had to elevate our sound out of the world of pop sluttery using these dark days as our inspiration and a constant reminder we are spiders and we belong underground with the spider folk. We play music to keep the madness at bay but only if it’s natural tones, played from the white of your bones. We only find sanity in the skeletons of our songs. This is the only place we belongs. Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones.