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Clarice Diamond and I

Clarice Diamond and I is a collaborative project between Lady Lucy and Laura Mansfield. Having simultaneously read Wilkie Collin’s Woman in White, a novel serialized for publication in All the Year Round, (1859 -1895) a British weekly literary magazine founded and owned by Charles Dickens Lucy and Laura are writing their own period drama. Clarice Diamond and I explores, echoes and interprets the Victorian novel alongside considering processes of serialization. Taking the definition of serialization to be a means of presenting a work in contiguous installments they have developed a series of textual and visual exchanges. This method of exchange has become a form of serialization itself, constructing a series of visual and written sections of content. Lucy and Laura further share an interest in process of editing, whether this be through digital media, text or the curation of artworks. Within Clarice Diamond and I the structure of a shared exchange becomes a process of continual editing. Focused on immediate response and considered reciprocation, the exchange process has resulted in a dialogue of short narrative bursts creating a contemporary work of writing that blurs the boundary between text and illustration as well as experiments with approaches to editing.

For Supernormal Festival Lucy and Laura will be presenting a section of Clarice Diamond and I in the vicinity of the Victorian Summer House located by Braziers House and open on Saturday afternoon. The work will be installed in a series of temporary or serialised displays. The time of each display will be announced via the festival’s twitter stream, using the digital medium to momentarily bringing together an audience for the presentation of drawn sections of narrative.