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Kay Walsh

A human machine for making tea automatically, an analogue boiling system designed to be delivered to your bedside (campsite) ensuring your tea is ready first thing in the morning.

Where and when: Between 9.30-10.30 am in the top field as part of a roaming performance on Saturday and Sunday morning. Booking by mobile blackboard appointment system on Friday and Saturday touting for business. Participation from the audience/recipients involves an exchange to the value of tea served at your tent site. This can include a performance, a gesture, a word or a made object.

With her mobile wagon pulled bicycle she will be available to be booked to your tent site to perform and deliver tea from a wood-burning stove (Kelly Kettle). Woken with the dulcet tones of radio 4 via a transistor radio the performance will begin with the traditional ritual of tea making to include heating the pot, leaf tea of the participant’s choice served in china teacups served by a human teemade. Outfit consists of apron, lampshade, china cups and saucers and teapot with cosy, umbrella if raining, and decorated bicycle with trailer with transistor attached.

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