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Lee McDonald

McDonald’s work is about testing and exploring the reaction of mechanical processes upon objects and materials as a quasi-scientific set of on-going experiments pushing the creative ‘reactional’ ideas of sound and physics with objects that may have previously had use as ‘active matter’. His experiments are rooted in the principles and mechanisms of Kinetic art, where viewing the work depends on motion for its effect. This motion often involves combining dysfunctional objects and testing their physicality by implied stress or breaking points. The discovery and development of these processes affect the nature of developing prototypes in their developmental phases evoking discussion and suggestion, both by conceptual and technical means.

McDonald will be bringing his latest project ‘The Spinning Horns’ to Supernormal which is an absurd experimental instrument composited of a plethora of horns that are simultaneous played together by a performer and rotate independently of one another, intervening and functioning similarly to a town crier.