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Let Me Feel Your Finger First

FAMILIENALBUM is the LET ME FEEL YOUR FINGER FIRST family album… Meet a cast of characters including animated Homo Zombies, defective cartoon kid Francis, incestuous Bavarian patriarch Uncle Hans-Peter, Ontologically Anxious Organism, the character disguised as a rock from an Asterix comic… and many others…

LET ME FEEL YOUR FINGER FIRST (LMFYFF) is a London-based comic art project that disseminates comics, animation, live art, drawing & web-based work. At the centre of the project is a satirical family of drawn characters, composites of beings from dark fairy tales, sexual stereotypes and excavated comic personae. Past projects include ‘Francis’ an Animate Projects commission for Channel 4 and ‘The Uncle Hans-Peter Party’ premiered at the ICA in 2009 and performed at Supernormal 2010.