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Mouthful Of Worms

‘Big Kev’, as he is affectionately known, is both big and Kev, which makes a useful distinction from ‘Little Kev’ who is indeed (relative to Big Kev) little, and again, Kev, though with more Nickells that you can shake a dick at. Often seen at the prow of the bad ship Knobbers, Kev has also been various shades of unhinged on stage with HRT and HUH 5PIN, plus other incarnations of public lunacy, and is a long standing promoter of all things DIY, experimental, avant-garde and punk. Any of the machines that survived his recent catastrophic success, the Wall of Karaoke, will be joining him under his Mouthful of Worms outing where he is reborn as a kind of karaoke and found sound cassette meddler and feedback fondler.