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Occult Hand

augmentation of nocturnal emissions seeping out of Sussex like a ritualistic study of religions long since passed into the realm of fetish, it was as if an occult hand had pointed them out to each other from the sky and brought forth daring jewels down the belted ear system. Welcome to the offshoots of Jupiter. Past releases include a contribution to Carry On Rioting Compilation on Tuff Enuff Records and Illustrious Pairing on 666ties Records. Future Releases – CDr on Chocolate Monk / 12″ on Untimely Demise / LP early 2014. We will be playing a 20-25 minute set of analogue / improvised / found sound incorporating tape loops, keyboard, flute, stylophone, melodica, tapes and vocals. We also use visuals and costume in our performance and at Supernormal we plan to build and perform inside an exposed teepee, creating an interior space for ritual use.

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