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Nicholas Boon is a musician, producer, DJ and composer who combines live instruments, synthesis, sample manipulation and live ambient recordings to create lush musical textures. He has worked with groups of musicians in an experimental and improvised context on many occasions. He plays most plucked or strummed string instruments, percussion, keyboard instruments and uses his voice (singing, warbling, talking, nonsense noise). His DJ sets typically cover jazz, soul, funk, breaks, hip hop, deep minimal house and techno, glitch, noise and experimental. In the past Nicholas has worked with groups of musicians playing instruments and helping with recording processes. He has been involved in the organisation and running of a series of one day events held at Coachwerks in Brighton, and records and performs with improvised jazz funk rock band Tysarc. In the Church of Chaos Nicholas will be performing as ‘Orok’, using various instruments and recorded sound sources put through effects to create ambient washes and shamanic drones using vocals. As a keen collaborator he may also be cropping up in a number of other collective performances at the festival.

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