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Plein Air Workshop

Building an image of the landscape stroke by stroke creates a connection with the natural surroundings that is unusual and desired in a time of virtual reality and high-speed, mediated experience.

A landscape is not static. It changes constantly with the light, clouds, and wind, and there is no true view of it. By sifting the endless possibilities and settling on an image, you discover something unique about the setting—and about yourself. When you work in a group, the discovery is multiplied as you experience it also through others’ eyes.

You are invited to encounter the natural drama and beauty of Braziers Park and the human drama of the SuperNormal festival through group landscape painting en plein air, which will take place in multiple locations and under varying lighting conditions. All media and methods and all levels of experience are welcome. Each session will be followed by a group critique led by Brenda Zlamany.

Zlamany, a Brooklyn-based painter, has been exhibiting her still lifes, landscapes, and portraits since 1982 at galleries and institutions in the United States, Europe, and Asia.