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Stig Noise

Beefheart hang-gliding over Liverpool having a cardiac arrest with the Cardiacs, via Jewish funerals-cum-piss ups. No, wait, better than that. A double helping of awesome-sauce on a steak made of bloody (as in actual blood) amazing. Sometimes, fashion forgets a place, allowing something truly unusual to germinate, bizarre spermy spores of hoi polloi, inventive wunderkind of a entirely unusual kind. Stig Noise – remember that name, it may be the last thing going through your head as it falls apart at Supernormal.

Stig Noise was formed in 1998 by, (ehem) punks(!) in Liverpool. Since then their expanding collective have tirelessly worked on numerous, inherently DIY projects and experimental musical endeavors in live environments around the North West and beyond to see if anyone gives a shit.