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The Black Neck Band Of The Common Loon

Andy,Blue & Jenny, (moonlighting from past and present outfits as diverse as Leopard Leg, Medicine and Duty, Hamilton Yarns, Gorse, Shrag, Sonny Tufts…) bring us their drum based insania. Fearlessly experimental and already 3 CDs deep.

The Gumshue Grove wrote this about their last release:
‘If you follow characters like Weasel Walter/The Flying Luttenbachers and their plentiful ilk, Hum Of Gnats, Avarus, Smegma, Nurse With Wound, No-Neck Blues Band, Neptune, early Sylvester Anfang II and too many other acolytes to even mention, you must attempt to strip the bark from Cinder and Spatter and taste its poignant, yet pungent, marrow.’

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