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Activities at SN: Be Prepared

While most of the events and activities at Supernormal can be happily stumbled upon and enjoyed in the moment, there are a few things this year that need a little preperation.

Life Drawing

Life Drawing ClassesOn Saturday and Sunday morning, there will be life drawing sessions in the Barn. You don’t need to book and supplies will be provided. However – we are looking for life models. Please contact [email protected] to secure your spot!

Bluescreen Open Film Night (Sunday 8-10 PM)

If you have made a film that is keen to be seen then bring it to us to show. It can be any type (doc, drama, art, animation) as long as it is between 30 seconds to 20 minutes long. We don’t select films, its ‘open screen’ just bring your film. Please bring it on a DVD and formatted to show on a DVD player (Maybe bring a back-up copy too)

OR… You could make a film during the Supernormal Festival. If the challenge of making a film on site robs you of a soundtrack we may be able to provide a live score from some Pentagram musicians. Or please do bring your own musicians or sound makings with you? The format of films made on site will be varied we will endeavour to show all formats but do come and chat with us in the Pentagram Tent. The film must be between 30 seconds and 20 minutes long.

Supernormal Zines

SN ZinesOne Friday the 9th join Ghost F*ck to talk “zines”. They’ll take a whistly stop tour of their history, look at content and creation. Then, they stop the looking and start the doing. Everybody leaves with a blank page.

During the festival, you fill that page. Chat to a band, interview the lovely people camping next to you, sketch something in the life drawing class, glue something you find in the woods, or just go absolutely bat sh*t crazy with a sharpie.

On Sunday, they’ll collect your pages, scan them in, and just like that you have taken part in a live collaborative 48-hour festival zine, each page telling a Supernormal story.

Supernormal Orchestra

The Dream Machine All-StarsSupernormal’s tagline is ‘Blurring the boundaries between art and music, performer and audience…’ and here we’re testing our own mettle. For this special, never-to-be-repeated performance we’ll be getting our own Dream Machine allstars to put together a band over the course of the weekend, having a couple of rehearsals and taking the whole thing to the stage for a performance. Blurring the boundaries between foolhardy and inspired, we’ll be asking YOU to join us for this. So, if you’d like to perform on the Supernormal stage, be sure to bring your instrument of preference… whatever that may be.

Your Slot

Your chance to DJ in the bar. Bring along 5 tunes every morning. Most formats supported so whether that means hitting Supernormal with an armful of vinyl, or just rocking up with an MP3 player is up to you. First come first served!