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Artist Call Out

SUPERNORMAL offers a platform for visual arts and artists in all disciplines to draw inspiration from its unique ethos and environment. In facilitating an exploration of experimental arts and music in a festival setting, Supernormal puts collaborative and multi-disciplinary arts practice at the heart of what it does, encouraging cross-over and dialogue between these art forms. It provides an innovative forum for artists to present new work and engage with audience directly.

SUPERNORMAL welcomes proposals from individuals, organizations and groups who are excited by the power of collective action in shaping an event whose straightforward aim is to provide an experience that lives long in the memory and is a world away from the cynical, corporate ills that beset our world.

Deadline for Proposals: 31 March 2012

Proposals will be considered and selected on the quality of the idea, showing an understanding of the context and audience for an event that promotes experimental art and music. We will be looking for ideas that offer a different viewing or participatory experience – that engages and inspires thought, is challenging yet accessible.

Your proposal should include an outline of your idea, work or project in as much detail as possible along with any supporting images and links. (no more than 750 words)
Things to consider:

  • How you plan to execute the work
  • How much time will you need on site
  • What materials and resources will you need
  • The weather!
  • Location
  • Is it self-supporting
  • Participation/interaction
  • How you will facilitate it

Objective Key Words

Engagement, Interaction, Inclusive, Experimental, Artist-led, Collective Action, Collaboration, Dialogue, Discussion, Exchange, Existing Projects, Workshops, Commissions, Spontaneous Process, Performance, Installation., Site-specific

Please send proposals to: [email protected]

We will get back to you by 30th April 2012 at the latest.

Funding & Resources

Supernormal is a not-for-profit event organized by an unpaid collective of artists and musicians with limited resources in place at present. We are currently working on funding proposals to assist in production costs and expenses but cannot guarantee support at this stage. We encourage artists to source their own project funding where possible and are happy to provide supporting statements.
Participating artists are provided with meals whilst on site and guest tickets, promotion of projects and profiles.

We look forward to hearing from you!