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It’s “Swing Time” at Gallery 1.1

Will Cruickshank’s ‘Swing Harmonograph’ (one of the commissioned works for this year’s SUPERNORMAL Art and Music Festival) carries the artist’s romantic inventions to a typically playful, yet in fact deeply (and literally) moving end. Relationships are at the core of his work – that between viewer and art-object of course, but also between viewers, the actors indeed who make up his audience.

Ostensibly a drawing machine, two people sitting on two swings operate a needle on a separate table, plotting their oscillations and irregularities. In another’s hands this ‘machine’ would bring echoes of lie-detection even torture, but in Cruickshank’s even the variances in the couple’s patterns are celebrated as the ‘Harmonograph’ harmonises every movement, etching each’s trajectory with something akin to love.

The pair of resulting monoprints will be able to be taken away for the price of a ride – a nominal £3 each

There will also be an opportunity to watch ‘SUPERNORMAL: Love Each Other or Die’ (Little Matey Productions documentary short on SUPERNORMAL)

Private views 29th March and FirstThursday 5th April 6 – 9 pm at Studio 1.1, Shoreditch.


Studio 1.1