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Resonance broadcast now available to listen online

For any of you that missed the Resonance broadcast last week, here it is for posterity:

Telescopes – We see magic and we are neutral (flexi disc)
Hey! Colossus – Tight Collar (from ‘Happy Birthday’ on Riot Season)

Folk mix:
Hamilton Yarns – the Birds Bob ( from ‘Search for the Underwater Town’ CDR on Hark Recordings)
The Family Elan – Kavall Oyun Havasi (from ‘Bow Low Bright Glow’ on Alt Vinyl)
The Wandering Hand Society – Light of the Gentiles (unreleased)
The Blackneck band of the common loon – Corpus Crispi (unreleased)
James Blackshaw – Fix (from ‘The Glass bead Game’ on Young God)

One Unique Signal – Hey Alchemist (Genepool 7”)

Bangthebore mix:
Binnsclagg (untitled)
dogeeseseegod – track four from ‘two heads are better than gun’ cdr
Bolide – Just (from forthcoming ‘just add heat’)
Clive Henry/ littlecreature – a lone sniper in a liberated village (exclusive edit – longer version on ‘Missing Nothing’, 6 CD compilation on BtB)
Barnabas Yianni – Takes (1) – from 2020 CD exchange project, 2011
Team Sports – in a cave (unreleased live recording)