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Would you like to design our second stage?

We’ve decided to extend the involvement of artists for Supernormal 2012 to incorporate the construction of a temporary stage at this years’ event. Part site-specific installation, part working stage, this will provide a literal platform for the festival’s live music programme.

In 2011 the 2nd stage was made of a straw bale base with 2 platforms on top providing the floor area of the stage, rough wooden planks, an existing waterproof marquee roof and tarpaulin sides. Any or none of these materials are available to use again.

Please e-mail your proposals in detail with any supporting documentation to: [email protected]

We look forward to hearing your ideas!

The Stage would require the following:

  • 2 stage entrances exits – these could take the form of steps leading up to the stage.
  • A covered section for artists and equipment – this could take the form of some kind of awning behind or to the side of the stage.
  • Size: The other stage (Shed Stage) dimensions are: Height: 8 ft ¬†Width:16 ft ¬†Depth:16 ft. This size is ample to fit a regular band on and would be a good guideline size for any designs.
  • The people providing the sound set up will also be bringing lighting for the stage (we can find out exactly what this includes).

Things to Consider:

  • Weather – the stage roof will need to be 100% waterproof to protect electrical equipment.
  • Cost: We do have some funds in place for on-site construction, but Supernormal has a very tight budget, so being creative with materials is essential. Please bare this in mind when proposing your idea and design and provide as much estimated detail as possible.
  • The structure will need to be safe and secure.
  • How long will it take to build? We will be on-site for the week prior to the event itself.
  • What support and help you will require in constructing it. n.b; we can probably arrange to provide assistance on site.
  • Consider a possible name for the stage which could incorporate a working title as a piece of artwork in its own right.
  • We encourage collaborations so please consider the potential of working with another artist in the concept, design and build of the structure.
  • Braziers Park is an eco site, so the building of the stage needs to create minimum damage to environment.

Please e-mail your proposals in detail with any supporting documentation to: [email protected]