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Apple Swan Carving Workshop

From a single apple festival goers will learn how to carve their own swan using nothing more than a sharp knife. The workshop will take participants through a step by step process of how to create their very own swan which will become part of a show table reminiscent of a country show. The public […]


Baby Bolide Session

An early morning open jam session for kids or indeed anyone whose brain is soft enough. Warm up the Church of Chaos for the day. Lots of instruments will be on hand, kazoos all round. Show the old bastards how to do it properly. fully amplified if they’ll let us. Fully CRBd social care types […]


Chutney 7 – The Magnificent Seven

‘Chutney 7 – The Magnificent Seven’ is a multifaceted, interactive live art event, which draws on the spirit of celebratory public assembly dating back to prehistory. Appearing in the guise of a fete, country fair or rarey sideshow, it is an ‘organic’ public art work, presenting the public with a humorous and thought provoking display […]



Composition: a simple sculpture made of panels accessible to adults and kids alike. Each panel consists of an acrylic piece, with contact mics attached to the back, hooked up to effects pedals. Ink is rolled onto the acrylic and a piece of paper on top. Drawing onto the paper, each mark will produce a sound; […]


Crazy Comic Club

Join best-selling cartoonist James Parsons for an eye-popping workshop of comic art craziness. Learn secret cartooning tips, design and build your own pair of genuine working X-Ray Spex, draw secret code comics, and explore some of the basic techniques of pop-up comics. This workshop will be suitable for children aged 6+ and grown-ups too, all […]


Crochet a Letter

A guided craft activity utilising various crochet bits, coloured wools and banners. Participants are invited to learn the simple art of crochet to make letters spelling out words or phrases by the end of the session and over the weekend, and to contribute to making a group Supernormal banner. Crochet is the new knitting don’t […]


Cyanotype Workshop

Using this historic photographic process from the 19th century you will be able to create beautiful blue prints using the natural environment of the Braziers site. Come along any age and create your own supernormal blueprint.


Direct Action Filmmaking

The ‘instant’, readily available bright pictures of today’s cinema rely on hi tech gadgets and sometimes lack the mystery and aura that the ‘hand drawn’ possesses. This workshop, run by film-maker Vicky Smith, invites participants to mark film using the full physical body. This method joins the human pulse to the beat of the film […]


Fancy Dress Life Drawing

With play and interaction as a key part of this activity, you are invited to have a rummage through the fancy dress box to create a character or alter-ego for family, friends or even for yourself. These drop-in drawing sessions explore scale, proportion, tone, shading, mark making and materials in a relaxed and fun environment […]


Hydroponic Theatre

The Hydroponic Theatre is a pop up theatre that twists above, below, inside, outside and beyond performance through traditional theatre, experimentation, story telling and performance asking ‘what makes a story?’ Using a variety of costumes, props and materials, The Hydroponic Theatre inspires and encourages children’s creativity, allowing imaginations go wild, creating tall tales and small […]


Kids musical workshop

Armed with an assortment of acoustic instruments (percussion, whistles, recorders, and so on), Stewart Keith, Snoozie Hexagon and Olly Tyler will present a musical workshop for kids. The workshop will start with a series of easy-to-learn rhythms, teaching children the basics of music.   The session will conclude with everyone getting involved in a free-form improvised […]


Make and Move

Make and Move comes to Supernormal with their hula-hoops in tow for all ages and sexes. Utilising recycled clothing and material participants will learn how to fashion their own make-shift skirts, headdresses and accessories to create dancing outfits in preparation to learn some basic belly dancing and hula-hooping moves to get physical and move your […]


Open Access Painting Studio

A participatory and collaborative painting workshop with Andy Harper and Abigail Reynolds, to produce a large work that everyone can add to over the course of the weekend.

Pentagram Cinema

Haphazardly hosted by the inimitable Mr Hopkinson (while his computer performs elsewhere in Supernormal) and with hospitality provided by the divine Blusherettes, the Pentagram tent will be providing vitamin-packed cinematic nutrition all weekend long, with programming from a host of Bristol’s favourite underground and overground cinema nights.

Supernormal Faces

Get creative all over your face and make Supernormal ears and moustaches for the weekend festivities. 


Supernormal Zines – The Live Brief

At the start of the festival participants are given a blank zine with a brief to ‘go fill it’ and return for a follow up session at the end of the weekend. By this time you will have created your own ‘limited edition of 1’ Supernormal Zine documenting your weekend experience. The live process will […]


Supersonic Kids Gig: Flamingods

Supersonic Festival wants to inspire the audiences and musicians of the future through our Kids Gigs programme. This year they will be hosting a Kids Gig with FLAMINGODS at Supernormal. This Bahrain-born, Brixton-based troupe take African rhythms, repetitive grooves and a hedonistic sensibility to form a riot of sound and fury that’s both sonically adventurous […]



“For a few nights you can behave like a goat, drink a lot and forget about being civilized. You can be a wild animal for three days and then you go back to controlling your wildness.” Charles Freger Inspired by Freger’s Wilder Mann series of images of still practiced pagan rituals and creations from Whittlesey straw […]


Swing Etching Harmonograph

Produce your very own etching by taking a swing on Will Cruickshanks ingenious mechanical harmonograph

The Exquisite Corpse Lives

The “exquisite corpse” is a collaborative drawing game devised by the surrealists in the early 20th Century. You may not know the name, but you have probably played it yourself: on a sheet of paper a player draws part a body, folds it to conceal the bulk of the image, and then passes it to […]


The Pink Milkfloat

The Pink Milkfloat (which is as the name suggests an old milkfloat… that is pink), which houses a self-contained printing press, complete with a vast range of wooden type and blocks which are made up into posters and printed by hand. Activities include printing a pre-made up themed poster, or people can make up their […]


Tribal Tree

Tribal Tree grows fruits of the brain. Graffiti blog tree… Post what you want. In its branches everyone can display slogans, pics, feedback… organic space to exchange objects and thoughts…. Leave it hangin. Street art of the open woods. “Fruits”, “leaves”, banners, paint…are provided (or bring your papers & treasures). Workshops will explore themes & […]


We are We

Inspired by the African Yoruba faith with its plentiful coloured Orishas, deities totems, shrines and charms this workshop invites an audience of all ages to manifest themselves as the invented god of anything they want. Find out how to scare off enemies with a feather, get more courage through masks or organize your life though […]