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Cindytalk is the lifelong passion of Scottish singer/musician Gordon Sharp – a 37 year journey into the heart of noise-poetry. A dark and fractured first album ‘Camouflage Heart’ was released in 1984 to much critical acclaim, and the same year Sharp was one of three featured singers on This Mortal Coil’s debut album “It’ll End In Tears’. In 2013 Editions Mego released Cindytalk’s ‘A Life Is Everywhere’, an album of searing intensity and heartbreak – a shattering exposition of a displaced, dislocated life that somehow attempts to put sound to the Deleuzian concept of ‘the plane of immanence’. Many twists and turns have brought Cindytalk in 2014 to a new, beautifully wonky musical family which features sound engineer David Ros, bassist John Byrne, sound artist Melanie Clifford, performance percussionist Tim Goldie and Glasgow-based improv duo Lucy Duncombe & Kenneth Wilson – mixing up all of those abstracted elements amidst a simple, beautifully burning sky of broken melody.

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