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Graham Dunning – Music by the Metre

Dunning is an experimental artist who works primarily with sound and found objects. His work is concerned with time, noise, and memory. He creates abstract music machines from found tape loops, dusty 78s, live environmental sound, endlessly repeating dubplates of field recordings, and analogue synthesizer drone. These contraptions are then used to fill whole spools of tape resulting in dense, textured soundfields with complex polyrythms, at once static and everchanging.

Music By The Metre is a homage to Situationist Pinot-Gallizio, and invites the audience to experiment and interact with obsolete audio equipment; spools of audio tape can be listened to on an old reel-to-reel machine and a machine cobbled together from dusty old audio equipment fills spools of tape with abstract music and collected sounds. If you don’t want your music off the peg, why not bring along a cassette and have a new piece assembled while-you-wait. “Bring me a tape and I’ll fill it up!”

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