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Hákarl & Diana Policarpo

Hákarl & Diana Policarpo: Dança Bruta

A cilice of sculpture, dance, penitence. Curating artistic desire into self-destruction. An act, performance, dramaturgy, circling around ab/rogation as the white-hot piston. Perspicuity (as if!): dance is haunted by electricity, muscular convulsions; sculpture hides by ‘being’ static; sound is only ever the most proximal despondancy of material, fabric.

Electrocuting the whole affair with a dance piece for non-dancers, a momentary, collapsing installation establishing volatile borders, masochism wrought from pietism, all hair-shirts and collapsing comfort into performance.

Hákarl is a musician/ writer/ wage-slave, former arts-music curator of Supernormal (for and performed for 36 hours at Supernormal 2011.

Diana Policarpo is a visual artist. She composes and improvises time-based components for polyrhythmic sound sculptures and performative installations.

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