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Piperʼs Son

Piperʼs Son began as an outlet for songs written by musician and artist Thom Driver. Over more than a decade, Thom recorded many hours of musical scraps. Stray guitar chords, bits of percussion, synths and ambient noises created a rich sonic compost in which songs began to germinate. The recently-released first Piper’s Son album, The Roar From Behind (Vacilando ’68), was built up by drawing on this reserve of disparate material. An intensely visual sensibility permeates the lyrics, written over long periods, and taking in shifting viewpoints.

Now expanded into a 5-piece band, the Piper’s Son sound encompasses Can-like rhythmic noise, weird-pop high notes and slide-dub low notes, with all manner of other elements dropping in and out of the spectrum in a way that cannot be easily explained, but nevertheless gels into something compelling.

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