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Sound & Mysticism

All is vibration…

Cymatics is the sttudy of visualization of sound and vibration. For Supernormal, S&M will be exploring ‘Cymagick’ using a sound and photography installation. Mark Wagner will be using amplified sound (voice, feedback, sine tones and beats) to vibrate mediums such as salt, water or starch revealing the ‘sacred’ geometries inherent in Sound. Sanna Charles will document the cymatic patterns and shapes with live projections and photography, she will also be photographing sights on and around Braziers Park that relate to cymatic patterns —be it, flowers, formations, nature, symmetries, objects, logos etc… The results both visual and audio will be recorded, printed and exhibited as part of the installation and compiled and bound as part of a book / tape.

The Sound & Mysticism installation will offer an insight into the vibrational nature underlying ALL things, from matter to sound to consciousness itself.

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