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“For a few nights you can behave like a goat, drink a lot and forget about being civilized. You can be a wild animal for three days and then you go back to controlling your wildness.” Charles Freger

Inspired by Freger’s Wilder Mann series of images of still practiced pagan rituals and creations from Whittlesey straw bears, Slovakian Fasiangy parades to Nick Cave’s Sound Suits, this workshop invites participants to create costume and bear the skin of the savage.

Using materials such as straws, cardboard, fabric and bells, we aim as much as possible to use compostable materials and encourage foraging from the woods. We will provide bases for masks and tunics to be constructed and decorated, giving instruction on methods and providing inspiration with our own examples, images from the Wilder Mann book, and other collected images from rituals. Come with a sense of play and exploration.

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