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Tribal Tree

Tribal Tree grows fruits of the brain. Graffiti blog tree… Post what you want.

In its branches everyone can display slogans, pics, feedback… organic space to exchange objects and thoughts…. Leave it hangin. Street art of the open woods.

“Fruits”, “leaves”, banners, paint…are provided (or bring your papers & treasures).

Workshops will explore themes & build banner art.…. urban art styles, ‘adapting’ street signs, American alien abduction alerts, advert scrambling, guerrilla art, Q&A posts, and share what moves us.… See what happens. Thoughts branch out. Urban art uses flat surfaces; Tribal Tree celebrates the land.

Bomb when you’re near, workshop, or Tweet in a Tree (message and Tribal Tree will make friend-ly posts into leaves :-)

Make one, take one when done, & say “I leaved a part of myself at Supernormal.”

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