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Will Cruickshank – Artist In Residence (2010-2014)

Will Cruickshank originally attended the Braziers International Artists Workshop in 2006, and Supernormal has commissioned new works annually since it’s inception in 2010. His glorious Red Canopies provide a visual aesthetic for the festival not to mention his Swing Harmonograph, Horse-box Cafe (serving the much talked about Espresso Martinis) and Mobile Art Showers. We can’t wait to see what he’s come up with for Supernormal 2014!

Cruickshank’s work moves between play and a more serious scientific endeavour. The resulting objects and actions are personal adventures or investigations, often rooted in physical laws and nature, combined with more romantic ideas about making art and spending time. Cruickshank invents things that although not strictly necessary. As a fabricator he skillfully brings to life a series of unlikely yet delicate contraptions, twisting the real world’s truth into an endearing lie. The driver is the revolving earth – gravity. Gravity – and levity – are the motor forces in Cruickshank’s art.

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