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First acts announced for 2014

Supernormal 2014 marks both the fifth year of the festival and also the twentieth year of Braziers International Artists Workshop, from whence Supernormal evolved. Although the festival’s been through plenty of changes since its first year in 2010, the spirit of iconoclasm and adventure at the heart of it is exactly the same. In 2014 we’ll once again be blurring the boundaries between art and music, encouraging collaboration between different disciplines and doing everything we can to transcend the conventional idea of what a festival can be.

This year we’ve decided, as a kind of celebration of what’s transpired so far, to invite back some of those who’ve contributed to Supernormal in the last four years, like Gnod, Sly & The Family Drone. Teeth Of The Sea and Thought Forms. Moreover, with brand new artists as diverse as Arabrot, Esben & The Witch and part wild horses mane on both sides also confirmed, along with projects like Phil Minton’s Feral Choir destroying the distinction between audience and artist, Supernormal Number 5 continues to represent the alternative’s alternative.

We are delighted to confirm:

Anji Cheung  |  Arabrot  |  Barberos  |  Death Shanties  |  Esben And The Witch |  Falling Boy  |  Flamingods  |  Frank Fairfield  |  Gnod  |  Hacker Farm  |  Henry Blacker  |  Horse Loom  |  Joanna Gruesome  |  Kemper Norton  |  Luminous Bodies  |  Lutine  |  Maggie Nichols  |  MXLX  |  NG-52s  |  Palehorse  |  part wild horses mane on both sides: Conduit of the bottomless submundane  |  Phil Minton’s Feral Choir  |  Silver Stairs Of Ketchikan  |  Slum of Legs  |  Sly & The Family Drone  |  Spaceheads  |  Speak Galactic  |  SXSWNG  |  Teeth Of The Sea  |  Thought Forms

You can find more details about all the above acts by visiting the programme page

There are loads more acts and a full programme of arts and activities to come. Tickets are available now priced at £80 (no booking fees).

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