This is an archived version of the old Supernormal website, preserved for posterity.
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Doing your bit

IMG_0780Supernormal is a completely non-profit event.

All the revenue from ticket sales gets ploughed back into the festival. It pays for the essentials like the site, equipment, security and everything else required to make the festival possible.

After the basics, it pays for the fun stuff. Arts, music, performance and all the other delights that you lovely people actually come for.

So if you plan on being a part of Supernormal 2013, please pitch in and help promote the festival however you can. Remember, the more tickets we sell, the more we can spend ensuring you have an amazing weekend!

How can you help?
Supernormal exists today, in part, because of the amazing power of social media. You might not think that your “likes” and “follows” make a difference, but they really do add up!

Super easy stuff. Come on folks, no excuses.

Are you hardcore? Supernormal loves you!

  • Go to a lot of gigs or art events? If you can spare 10 minutes after a show, you could do us a huge favour and hand out a few fliers – it would really make a difference. If you’d like to help, drop an email to [email protected] and we’ll stick some fliers in the post.
  • Do you have a music or art blog/website? Do you put on events yourself? Do you have any other plaform to help get the message out? Let us know what we can do to help you promote the festival.

Got any other ideas for you and your fellow Supernormals? Let us know on facebook