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You know… For Kids!

Thinking of bringing the bairns along? Supernormal has always aimed to provide a safe, fun environment for kids. Braziers park is a small, friendly site and we keep visitor numbers low enough that you’d be hard pushed to loose them in the “thronging masses”. As an added precaution, guardians’ phone numbers are taken at the front gate, and also marked on the kids’ wristbands.

Many of the activities and workshops at Supernormal are aimed specifically at kids.

  • Join best-selling cartoonist James Parsons for an eye-popping workshop of comic art craziness. Learn secret cartooning tips, design and build your own pair of genuine working X-Ray Spex, draw secret code comics, and explore some of the basic techniques of pop-up comics.
  • Armed with an assortment of acoustic instruments (percussion, whistles, recorders, and so on), Stewart Keith, Snoozie Hexagon and Olly Tyler will present a musical workshop for kids. The workshop will start with a series of easy-to-learn rhythms, teaching children the basics of music.   The session will conclude with everyone getting involved in a free-form improvised piece of music.
  • Superwildernormalman is a workshop that invites participants to create a costume and bear the skin of the savage! Costumes will be made using materials such as straws, cardboard, fabric and bells, as well as anything that can be found foraging from the woods. Come with a sense of play and exploration.
  • Supersonic Festival wants to inspire the audiences and musicians of the future through their Kids Gigs programme. This year they will be hosting a gig especially for kids, with FLAMINGODS at Supernormal. This Bahrain-born, Brixton-based troupe take African rhythms, repetitive grooves and a hedonistic sensibility to form a riot of sound and fury.

…and much more besides. Visit our programme page and click the “kids” tab to find out more.

Children under 13 come for free with paying adults and tickets for teenagers are just £50. Get your ticket here!