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Supernormal is a festival like no other, providing a powerful antidote to the current malaise of festivals-as-big-business. Blurring the boundaries between art and music, performer and audience, it champions the iconoclastic and the experimental, allowing risks to be taken and leaps of imagination to occur. Somewhere in spirit between the original Glastonbury Fayre and an eccentric village fete, Supernormal is the alternative's alternative.

Latest News

15/03/12 - Resonance broadcast now available to listen online

For any of you that missed the Resonance broadcast last week, here it is for posterity: Tracklist: Telescopes – We see magic and we are neutral (flexi disc) Hey! Colossus – Tight Collar (from ‘Happy Birthday’ on Riot Season) Folk mix: Hamilton Yarns – the Birds Bob ( from ‘Search for the Underwater Town’ CDR […]


07/03/12 - Supernormal hit Resonance FM, tonight at 8pm

Tonight (Wed 07/03) Resonance FM’s Andy Moore & Keira Greene will take an hour long look into all things Supernormal. They’ll be talking about this years’ festival with Gill Ord (founder member of Braziers Park International Artists Workshop and Supernormal), Kev & Colin from guest curators Bang the Bore and Tatty Sea Side Town and […]


28/02/12 - Would you like to design our second stage?

We’ve decided to extend the involvement of artists for Supernormal 2012 to incorporate the construction of a temporary stage at this years’ event. Part site-specific installation, part working stage, this will provide a literal platform for the festival’s live music programme. In 2011 the 2nd stage was made of a straw bale base with 2 […]


22/02/12 - Supernormal join the Symbiosis project

Symbiosis is a project dedicated to uncovering the most exciting things going on in new music in 2012. 8 passionate proponents of new music, Supernormal included, have been asked to nominate their favourite unsigned artists. Monthly heats will be held at the Urban Bar in Whitechapel from March until June. The top act from each […]


19/02/12 - Artist Call Out

SUPERNORMAL offers a platform for visual arts and artists in all disciplines to draw inspiration from its unique ethos and environment. In facilitating an exploration of experimental arts and music in a festival setting, Supernormal puts collaborative and multi-disciplinary arts practice at the heart of what it does, encouraging cross-over and dialogue between these art […]


19/02/12 - Additional early bird tickets released

Since the early birds sold out rather faster than anyone anticipated, we’ve decided to release a small number of additional cheap tickets. We can only afford to offer a handful of extra tickets at this price. The deal won’t be repeated again – once they’re gone, they’re gone. So if you missed out first time […]


18/02/12 - Early Bird tickets sold out

A big thankyou to everyone that bought early bird tickets. For those of you that missed out, full price tickets will be available soon. To make sure you’re in the loop, follow us on facebook or twitter.


17/02/12 - Early Bird tickets set to sell out by the end of the day

It seems that our reputation is starting to precede us. Super Early Bird tickets for SN2012 sold out in less than 10 minutes this afternoon. Fear not – there are still some cheap tickets available now for £50 each. It looks like these are going to sell out by the day too so don’t hang […]


16/02/12 - Supernormal 2012

The Guardian: “Supernormal is an alt-music, art-infused breath of fresh air amid the glut of summer “festivals as big business”. The focus is on cult bands, experimental sounds, art and people power.” Supernormal Festival will return to Brazier’s Park, Oxfordshire, August 10-12 2012. We are proud to present an innovative weekend of art and music, […]